Ceretai chosen to represent Europe at world’s largest pitch event

Ceretai chosen to represent Europe at world’s largest pitch eventPresenting on: Wise24 

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Ceretai, pioneers in the field of diversity tech with partners such as BBC and Forbes, have been chosen as one out of only five companies to represent Europe at WiSE24 – one of the world’s largest online pitch events for women entrepreneurs. 

The global digital event will start in the US on June 18th at 16.00 CET, and will run across the globe for 24 hours before wrapping up in Asia on June 19th.

Ceretai will be pitching in front of thousands of investors from around the world – presenting their vision and their software-as-a-service Diversity Dashboard that offers media houses an innovative way to monitor diversity and inclusion in media and entertainment content.

This important event will mark the opening of the company’s new investment round, which will close in Q3. 

CEO and co-founder of Ceretai Matilda Kong will be joining the event from Stockholm. She is excited, but also wants to nudge the participating investors to take action. 

“This really is an important opportunity for Ceretai and all other excellent founders out there – but it’s only if the investors are willing to go beyond applauding female founders, and to actually change the status quo, that this will be a success for all participants. I’m looking forward to seeing the investors invest!”

To attend the event, which is open to everyone, you can register on the following link.

Ceretai is currently working on improving the Diversity Dashboard with new diversity measures for different genders and age groups, covering both statistical representation and qualitative analysis of how people are portrayed. They are also building up a database which will be filled with diversity and equality statistics of popular movies and TV shows, to enable audiences to choose content based on their values. 

About Ceretai

Ceretai offers automated diversity and equality analysis of media and entertainment content. They have collaborated with international brands such as BBC, Forbes, Cannes Film Festival, Norddeutsche Rundfunk (Germany), and Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (The Netherlands). The company has financial support from Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, and from InnoRampUp, an innovation program from the City of Hamburg.

Through the use of machine learning algorithms, Ceretai extracts diversity data directly from the media files fast and with high accuracy. This reduces the effect of unconscious biases carried by humans, and saves companies a lot of time that is spent on manual counting today. It also allows for a deeper understanding of the produced content, and for corporates to take responsibility for sustainable and diverse content that matches the audiences’ demand on value-based media and entertainment.

Further information about Ceretai and their offers can be found at www.ceretai.com.

About WiSE24

WiSE24 is organised by the leading Silicon Valley-based startup and leadership accelerator for female entrepreneurs, Women’s Startup Lab. Supported by top influencers in the tech industry, they have gathered an active global community of over 20,000 women entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and supporters since 2013.


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