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Press release: Ceretai launches “IMDb for equality”

Stockholm, 17 May, 2021 Stockholm based tech startup Ceretai develops AI tools for automated diversity and equality analysis of audiovisual content. They are now launching ValueCine, a web platform that delivers diversity statistics on film and TV series to audiences globally. Ceretai was founded in 2018 with the idea of enabling audiences to find entertainment…
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NPO: “We need continuous monitoring of diversity in our media content”

Amsterdam, 17 November, 2021 Egon Verharen, Innovation Manager at the Dutch national public broadcasting organisation NPO, says monitoring diversity in NPO’s broadcast content is crucial and will continue to play an important role in the next five years. NPO, being the umbrella organisation for public broadcasting services in the Netherlands, divides government money between eleven…
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What is diversity?

Ceretai is a value-based and mission-driven company. We aim to create a more equal and tolerant world, increasing diversity and equality by promoting conscious production and consumption of media and entertainment. (Did you know that we consume up to 10 hours of media every day? Of course this will influence us!)  In order to do…
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Towards more diversity in movies – Finding content that breaks the norm

By Angnis Schmidt-May, Head of Insights at Ceretai At Ceretai we love movies. And we love diversity. Our personal utopia is a wide selection of films where all different kinds of stories, characters and perspectives are portrayed. All members of society should have the chance to access movies in which they can recognize part of…
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Ceretai receives InnoRampUp grant from the city of HamburgGranted by: IFB innovationsstarter 

Ceretai receives InnoRampUp grant of €150,000. The grant will enable the company to take their business to the next level by supporting them in the development of their Diversity Dashboard – the software that will automate diversity measuring and monitoring in media content. Ceretai has been selected to receive the InnoRampUp grant of €150,000 from…
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Ceretai + D:PULSE on a mission: Gender diversity in tech conferencesFeatured in: Marketing Börse 

Read the press release announcing the collaboration and use of our technology here. (German) Read the partnership announcement on D:PULSE’s web page here.