Press release: Ceretai launches “IMDb for equality”

Press release: Ceretai launches “IMDb for equality”

Stockholm based tech startup Ceretai develops AI tools for automated diversity and equality analysis of audiovisual content. They are now launching ValueCine, a web platform that delivers diversity statistics on film and TV series to audiences globally.

Ceretai was founded in 2018 with the idea of enabling audiences to find entertainment that matches their values. Already in 2019 they were featured in Forbes and BBC when their AI algorithm for detecting male and female voices revealed that female speaking time in the popular Game of Thrones series only amounted to 25%. Since then the company has developed more AI algorithms to analyse e.g. screen presence of women and men, age distribution, and the so-called “smile factor” – how much more women smile than men on screen.

“After analysing thousands of movies, video clips, news shows and TV series over the past two years, it feels so good to finally release this platform that we have been thinking about for so long,” says Ceretai’s CEO Matilda Kong. “The interest in our algorithms and in the platform illustrates clearly how important audiences find these topics, and how we need to become aware of unconscious bias in the media and entertainment we consume.”

ValueCine gives audiences all the regular information about films that can be found on for example imdb, such as a plot summary, genre and release year. In addition to this, audiences can also get exact numbers of how much women speak in comparison to men, and browse through categories such as “films passing the Bechdel-Wallace test*” or “movies with women over 45 in leading roles”. The launch of ValueCine also means introducing three different labels for films that break norms; more specifically gender norms, age norms, and ethnicity norms. 

Film page on showing diversity and equality information for the film Sand Dollars. The film has passed the Bechdel-Wallace test* and received ValueCine’s three labels for breaking gender norms, age norms and ethnicity norms, respectively. Additional information about the film includes average age, screen presence and speaking time for women and men, as well as Smile factor and where the film can be streamed.

“Using all the data we have gathered, we have been able to determine what constitutes the norm in a statistical sense – for example, the norm for female speaking time in feature films is 40%. This lets us automatically assign labels for norm-breaking content, in turn enabling audiences to select and watch TV series that are relevant to them, and where they feel represented,” says Matilda Kong.

Thanks to a collaboration with streaming aggregation service Playpilot, the users of the platform can also be directed to where they can immediately stream the movie or TV series they have found on ValueCine. The initiative is also supported by SF Studios, the leading Nordic film and TV studio that is actively supporting equality and diversity initiatives in the entertainment industry.

“We are very proud to support the important work of Ceretai and ValueCine,” says Kristina Linglöf, EVP HR & Operations at SF Studios. “Equality and diversity have been on top of our agenda for a long time – we have for example been active in supporting the Swedish #metoo movement #silenceaction in various activities to infuse inspiration for continued change within the film and TV industry. The collaboration with Ceretai is very exciting as their work will facilitate and contribute to improved diversity awareness amongst consumers.”

Other supporters of the initiative are Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI), the premiere professional organization for women filmmakers worldwide, and Herflix, the new online movie theater for women, which is implementing ValueCine’s norm-breaking labels on their own streaming platform “Going forward we want to increase the worth for audiences to use both ValueCine and Herflix by giving movies a value-based rating,” says Herflix President Adriana Shaw.

If you want to support ValueCine, you can sign up as a monthly donor on their Patreon site ( Starting at 100 SEK/month, the donations enable ValueCine to perform diversity analysis on more films and TV series, to expand the ValueCine library and make more diversity information available to audiences.

*A film passes the Bechdel-Wallace test if it has two named women in it, who at some point talk to each other about something other than a man.


Contact details 

  • Matilda Kong, CEO, Ceretai: +46 707351532,
  • Adriana Shaw, President, Herflix: +1 310-4285872,
  • Kristina Linglöf, EVP HR & Operations, SF Studios, +46 703052227,

About Ceretai

Ceretai develops machine learning tools for diversity and equality analysis in the media and entertainment industries. The company offers a software-as-a-service solution, the Diversity Dashboard, to give media and entertainment companies insights and actionable measures for improved diversity in their produced content. They also offer solutions for diversity reporting and workshops for media executives.

The project with Ceretai, SF Studios, Herflix and WIFTI is supported by Vinnova, read more here: 


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