Meet the team

We are a team of pioneers, visionaries and doers – planning, coding, iterating and growing every day. We see possibilities and are transparent about our work and our values. Our mission? To create a more equal and tolerant world.


CEO & co-founder

Matilda Kong


“I want the unconscious biases we are constantly exposed to and affected by – in the business world, in our media consumption, and in our culture – to become conscious. I want it to be general knowledge, so that everyone can make informed decisions.”

CPO & co-founder

Lisa Hamberg


“I’m so proud that our work truly improves the world. We have been learning and transforming along the way and even though the actual product changed many times, what stayed untouched is the most important part of Ceretai’s work – our mission to change the media industry.”

Head of Insights

Angnis Schmidt-May


“My dream is a society in which every individual has the same opportunities and feels empowered to achieve whatever they are striving for. Working on the realisation of this dream is incredibly exciting and fulfilling. Especially at a time where new technologies enable the development of so many innovative and creative solutions.”