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Registration for the Diversity Dashboard

Fill out the form below to set up an account for the Diversity Dashboard. If you are interested in receiving a full Diversity Report on any audiovisual content of your choice, please get in touch with us at info@ceretai.com to request an offer.

If you have a promotional code from one of our campaigns, please enter it here and the reduced price will be confirmed by us when registering your account.
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Bronze: € 1,500.00 per month and Subscription
Silver: € 3,000.00 per month and Subscription
Gold: € 4,000.00 per month and Subscription.

The customer needs one (1) Subscription per broadcast channel (if they are a TV broadcaster) or website (as otherwise applicable). The number of hours represents the number of hours of content analysis included in the Subscription plan per month. When the Customer has reached the cap of hours for their Subscription(s), they will not be able to analyze more content that month without upgrading the applicable Subscription(s). Hours are valid for one (1) calendar month from the Subscription date, after which hours not used will expire. The Customer will then receive a new allocation of hours on the first of every subsequent month.

The chosen Subscription(s) is renewed automatically every three (3) months from the Subscription date until terminated in accordance with the Terms.

All prices are charged quarterly in advance, and are indicated exclusive of Swedish VAT.