About us

The journey from idea to product

Ceretai was founded in early 2018 with the idea of building an automated tool for detecting norms and stereotypes in popular culture. We wanted to enable consumers to choose movies or books based on their values and to create awareness around how people who don’t fit the norm – such as women, people of color and homosexuals – are actually portrayed in the culture we consume.

Since then, we have developed the first version of our software tool for gender speaking time analysis and have tested it with players in both the film and news media industries. During spring 2019 we have participated in the Next Media Accelerator in Hamburg and have had the opportunity to do projects together with Germany’s biggest news show Tagesschau and the Nordic video streaming service Plejmo. We have been featured in Forbes and attended the Cannes Film Festival, and along the way we both lost a machine learning developer and won a new backend developer.

Currently the team is three people strong, two software developers and one business developer. We are looking forward to expanding our team and continuing to build on what will become the standard for diversity and equality evaluation of media. And we love dogs!

Our team

Matilda Kong

CEO & co-founder


“I want the unconscious biases we are constantly exposed to and affected by – in the business world, in our media consumption, and in our culture – to become conscious. I want it to be general knowledge, so that everyone can make informed decisions.”

Lisa Hamberg

CTO/CMO & co-founder


“I know that changes take time, and in order to dare to make a change – you want proof. The data we are producing is proof that diversity leads to greater success in almost all areas. Nothing could be more fulfilling than to work for a sustainable future for our next generation of consumers. To do good by data.

John Dahl

Lead Developer


“I enjoy creating and learning within my professional role and at Ceretai I am able to combine this with a good cause that I believe in. As a society we need better tools for understanding ourselves and each other.”

Job openings

Machine Learning developer / Data scientist  

We are looking for an ML developer and data scientist to lead part of our product development for The Diversity Dashboard. This is a tool for companies and brands working with video content, measuring the diversity and equality in the video. We will begin with a three week project where one week is to be carried out in Hamburg. If everything works out we will ask you to join the team full-time!

Scope of initial project
– Develop / implement a proof of concept of one new ML algorithm for diversity in video, and demo your solution.
The project will end with a few days in Hamburg, where you will be provided with a room and will be working together with our backend and frontend developers.

If this project works out and you join the team as our ML developer, your key responsibilities will include:
– Improving the existing ML algorithm for measuring female/male speaking time from audio.
– Developing / implementing more ML algorithms (e.g measuring how much underrepresented ethnicities are seen on screen, how certain groups are portrayed, etc).
– Analyzing videos and saving the statistics to build up our database.
– Potentially taking on the role as CTO, if you want to and are fit for it. 

Required skills
– Number 1: you have to see possibilities rather than difficulties!
– Proven ML skills and ideas of how to implement ML to solve the challenge of measuring diversity in video.
– Interest in social impact, equality and/or diversity (doesn’t have to be gender diversity).
– It’s not important that you write every piece of code by yourself, it’s important that it works. A lot of decent to good ML algorithms and APIs already exist and if you find open source code that can be modified and improved – go for it!
– It’s preferrable if you code in Python, but not a requirement.
– Speaking Swedish is a merit.

We offer you the following:
– An opportunity to grow with us. The sky is literally the limit! We are in an acceleration phase where anything can happen.
– The possibility to make an impact in society and to transform an entire industry.
– An opportunity to join the team full time and hop on a startup journey going steeply upwards.
– The opportunity to work abroad.

We are looking for someone who can join the team full-time if this project works out well. It is important that you are willing to work in a very small and entrepreneurial team and with a lot of responsibility.
Our tech stack: Python, Javascript, Vue. We also use Google Cloud Platform.
This project requires presence in Hamburg during a few days in May/June.

To apply for this position, please send an e-mail to jobs@ceretai.com with a short personal text and a link to your LinkedIn profile. We look forward to hearing from you!