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Stockholm, 24 June, 2021 Following the article in Di Digital, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter wrote an article about our newly launched platform and about the founders of Ceretai. The article can be found here (Swedish). featured in Swedish industry newspaper Di Digital

Stockholm, 17 May, 2021 Following the press release sent out to Swedish and European media houses, the Swedish industry newspaper Di Digital wrote an article about our newly launched platform and about the founders of Ceretai. The article can be found here (Swedish).

NPO: “We need continuous monitoring of diversity in our media content”

Amsterdam, 17 November, 2021 Egon Verharen, Innovation Manager at the Dutch national public broadcasting organisation NPO, says monitoring diversity in NPO’s broadcast content is crucial and will continue to play an important role in the next five years. NPO, being the umbrella organisation for public broadcasting services in the Netherlands, divides government money between eleven…
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YouTube leaderboard: Diversity analysis of most watched ads during COVID-19Collaboration with: Pinkstinks Germany 

In cooperation with Pinkstinks Germany, Ceretai has analysed gender representation in the most watched Stay Home commercials in the US during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results confirmed that audiences are guided through advertising much more often by male voices than by female; the ads contained two thirds male speech and more silence than female speech.…
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100 role models from Sweden on how to contribute to a positive change in society.Featured in: Veckans affärer 

We are proud to be a part of “Sveriges framtid berättar”, the magazine where 100 role models from Sweden share insights and stories on how we contribute to a positive change in society. In Sweden the magazine was distributed as an appendix to “Veckans Affärer” and released as an online magazine here.

“I allow myself to change my mind” – Matilda Kong for a German magazineFeatured in: Club! magazine 

The co-founder and CEO of Ceretai, Matilda Kong was interviewed by the German business magazine Club! Diversity Tech – Made in Hamburg tells a story of Matilda’s career, as well as her path with Ceretai and plans for the company’s future development. The full article can be found on the 67th page of the magazine.

Ceretai + D:PULSE on a mission: Gender diversity in tech conferencesFeatured in: Marketing Börse 

Read the press release announcing the collaboration and use of our technology here. (German) Read the partnership announcement on D:PULSE’s web page here.

Game of Thrones: How much do its female characters speak?First featured in: BBC 

Read the article from BBC here Also featured in: Reuters Business Insider News Week SVT Kultur Forbes Daily Mail Stern Slate Politiken Whimn Standard t24 Dhaka Tribune India Today Globo Abs cdn The Jakarta Post Terra Panorama Inquisitr Bustle El Universal Miroir mag

The Oscars still tell us to listen twice as much to men.Featured in: Forbes 

Results featured in: Forbes. In a week the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) will present the Oscar winners of 2019. Awards in 24 categories will be handed out, with the most prestigious one being Best Picture. We all know the Oscars have faced quite severe accusations of inequality and lack of diversity…
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